Peter Lynn Buggies



Vliegerop BV is the Netherlands based holding company that owns and operates Peter Lynn Kitesports; the brand that covers all Peter Lynn traction kiting products, from LEI (tube) kites, Twinskin kites and foil kites to kite buggies and accessories. The Peter Lynn brand has its origin in New Zealand, in 1971.

Peter Lynn has been taking challenges from the early days of the sport. Challenges to come with better products, invent new solutions, improve performance and build superior quality in every aspect of those products. Peter Lynn has several ‘industry firsts’ to his name and is the inventor of the kite buggy. The Peter Lynn team designs kites for all kite disciplines, for all terrains, for all conditions. All this comes forth from a passionate crew of kite sports enthusiasts: ‘Passion makes us fly.’

Peter Lynn – One Brand, All disciplines

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