No Wind? Time to play at the beach! Vliegerop distributes leading brands such as Aerobie, Discraft and Boomerangfan. Great performance frisbees and boomerangs. Besides we carry the decorative windtoys of HQ Windspiration.


thumbnail_aerobieThe Aerobie ring was designed in 1984 by Alan Adler in the US. An Aerobie is a flying ring used in a manner similar to a flying disc (Frisbee), for recreational catches between two or more individuals.

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thumbnail_boomerangfanBoomerang Fan is a French brand and makes high performance wooden and polypropylene boomerangs. Models to suit all ages and abilities. Each comes with well illustrated instructions.


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thumbnail_discraftIn 1978 the US brand Discraft was launched with the first disc, the Sky-Pro. 35 years later, Discraft continues to build a rock-solid reputation for quality and consistency. Using engineering grade polymers and precision craftsmanship, Discraft now creates sportdiscs suited to all levels of play and disciplines.

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thumbnailKites, toys and Windspiration products have been successfully sold under the trademark of “HQ”, founded in 1986 in Germany by Invento. The active toys branded HQ are an entire line of products developed to appeal to people who care about quality.

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