At Vliegerop we manufacture and distribute several leading brands which make high quality kites. A few brands are distributed all over the world. We have kites for kiteboarding/kitesurfing, snowkiting, kitebuggying and powerkiting, but we also carry kites for the young kiters at a beautiful day at the beach. Take a look below to get more info about the different brands in our range. 


Thumbnail_peterlynnAt Peter Lynn we take pride in our strong Dutch belief in honest, uncompromised and no-nonsense products. A belief that enforces us at all times to solely use the best possible materials and innovative construction methods, in order to deliver only products that meet the highest quality standards in every aspect.

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thumbnail_crosskitesA new kite brand from the Netherlands by Vliegerop. Cross Kites guarantees maximum and affordable kite fun for the entire family. Cross Kites offer the perfect mix of exceptional flight characteristics, reliable materials and optimized user comfort, at the best possible price: everything you need for endless fun with the wind!

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thumbnail_wolkensturmerBack in the 70’s the German brand Wolkenstürmer built kites with paper and wooden frames and let them fly. Inspired by American deltas in the 80’s they began to use hi-tech materials.



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thumbnail_revolution2Since 1988 the American Revolution Enterprises have brought the finest quad line kites made for speed, precision, team flying, power and indoor.  

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thumbnail_vectorVector kitelines is also developed and operated by Vliegerop in The Netherlands. In the early days Vliegerop supplied all important brands with kitelines, fabric and frames. This is the foundation of our kite materials brands and Vector kitelines is one of them.

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Skywatch logo

thumbnailBased in Switzerland, JDC Electronic began its business developing and manufacturing measurement instruments for extreme sports in 1983. Today, JDC is a leader in this market with a full range of products under the brand Skywatch, Speedwatch and Flowatch.  

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