Since the beginning of the 90’s Vliegerop has been a worldwide key supplier of materials; materials such as nylon and polyester ripstop fabrics as well as carbon and glassfiber rods and tubes. These materials were initially mainly used in the production of kites but which nowadays are used in a wide variety of applications. Material brands exclusively distributed by Vliegerop include Chikara, Icarex, Mirai and Exel.

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Icarex has set the standard in performance and durability and is the state of the art in  ripstop polyester fabric for sport kite applications. Our polyester Icarex is used by all major sport kite manufacturers worldwide. Strength and stability are at a premium for these high performance sport kites.

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thumbnail_miraiMirai is the Japanese word for Future. We believe that every application with its unique characteristics requires its own unique fabric. And in that respect Mirai, an economical  40D ripstop nylon, has got a great future.


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thumbnail_chikaraChikara is the Japanese word for Power. And this matches perfectly with the fabric’s qualities and performance. Initially designed as a high-end fabric especially for the kite- and paraglider market, Chikara has been the leading ripstop spinnaker nylon ever since.

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Exel Composites is world’s largest manufacturer of thin-walled carbonfibre and glassfibre tubes (FRP tubes).  Our Exel kite frame system assortment contains a wide range of connectors and different kinds of spars; glass, carbon, hollow and solid. Besides we carry System 30. This is a self assembly system for building frameworks and lightweight structures.

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thumbnail_skysharkSky Shark’s tapered tubes are produced in the USA and are world renowned as the very best competition tubes. It is no wonder, the best flyers in the world use Sky Shark Air Frames. The facts speak for themselves, there is no equal to the weight to stiffness of Sky Shark.

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thumbnail_kitefixKiteFix is a Canadian company specializing in kitesurf equipment repairs. It has been doing business in the field of kitesurf equipment repairs since 2003. Their mission is to offer innovative repair products and quality services at reasonable and competitive prices.

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