Vliegerop is the distributor for BIC Sport in the Netherlands and Belgium. BIC Sport has become the world’s leading expert for water sports. BIC Sport makes surf, SUP and windsurf accessible for everyone with very durable boards at an affordable price.


thumbnail_supSince 20 years the French company BIC Sport has become the world’s leading expert for water sports. A forerunner in the industrial scale manufacture of surf and SUP boards. Stand Up Paddling, Paddleboarding, Paddlesurfing, SUP – Whatever you choose to call it, is FUN.

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thumbnail_surfTwenty years ago BIC Sport launched the first ever sustainably mass-produced surfboard, opening the sport and market to tens of thousands of would-be surfers by offering them high quality boards at very reasonable prices. BIC Surfboards are designed by some of the world’s best shapers to guarantee high performance and ease of use.

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thumbnail_windsurfBIC Sport is the world market leader in the field of windsurf for over 20 years. Since 2000 BIC concentrates efforts on a more limited range of products and investing heavily in establishing monotype/formula competitions.

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Earth SUPBIC Sport presents a new range of environmental friendly products: EARTH – Deep into Nature. Featuring bio-sourced, renewable and/or recyclable materials.

Beautiful high-end boards with an eco footprint! 

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