Manufacturer and Distributor of Kites,Boards and Kite Materials

Vliegerop is a manufacturer/distributor of a wide range of high-quality brands among which Peter Lynn Kiteboarding, Cross Kites, Kheo boards, Vector Kitelines, BIC Sport, and Revolution Kites. Established in 1977, Vliegerop has grown into an international company exporting to more than 40 countries. Do you like our products and would you like to sell our brands? Please contact us.

Our Brands

We are very proud of all brands that we develop and distribute. Vliegerop (Meaning: Fly away) is founded by kiters and provides a total package for all kite related products. Creating better gear and making our customers happy is what drives us.

About us

Established in 1977, Vliegerop has been active as distributor and manufacturer of high-quality and innovative funsport- and extreme sport products. In particular this concerns kites and water sports products. Over the past years Vliegerop has grown into an international company exporting to more than 40 countries. Read More

Doing business with us

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Staying Ahead

We believe that by constantly increasing our knowledge of the business, we can offer our customers more than just a partnership. By offering market knowledge, our customers can make pro active decisions and we can think along with them to create a more profitable business. One of these examples are the Tricks of the Trade we offer our Peter Lynn Kiteboarding distributors. The TOTT is an annual research we take at kiteschools and -shops to stay up to date with the market.

Doing Business with us

A wide Product range

We offer a comprehensive range of products for kiteboarding, land kiting, SUP, surf, windsurf and active outdoor fun as well as stunt scooters. We are the brand owner/manufacturer of Peter Lynn Kiteboarding, Cross Kites, KHEO boards and Vector kitelines. Besides Vliegerop has the exclusive distribution rights for a variety of other brands, including BIC Sport, HQ kites, Underground boards and Revolution kites.

Key supplier of kite materials

Vliegerop is also a key supplier of materials; materials such as nylon and polyester ripstop fabrics as well as carbon rods and tubes, which initially were mainly used in the production of kites but which nowadays are used in a wide variety of applications. Material brands exclusively distributed by Vliegerop include Chikara, Icarex, Mirai and Exel.

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Dealing with PLKB offers you very competitive buying conditions. UPS as our preferred forwarder means a fast and reliable shipping method all over the world. Use our dropship service to save time and costs.

Easy Automated B2B Portal & CSV Feed

We have a state of the art B2B portal at your service 24/7. Super easy ordering, intuitive shopping and the best deals available. Also filled with downloadable product & lifestyle pictures and other marketing tools.

Distribution in over 50 Countries

Our office is based in Den Haag, The Netherlands. From here all international activities are managed. Our sales- and marketing staff, customer service, administration and warehouses are also based in Den Haag. Our international distribution is organized through distributors and agents. Go to our dealer page for more information.

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